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Portrait Photography Ideas

Denoting a format of printed matter which is higher than it is wide. Portrait Photography is the way of showing a particular moment or person to the world from another vision. Here are some ideas that you can use in your portrait to make it more admirable.

1. In your happy place

Do something that you enjoy, whether it is dancing, painting, or just playing in your backyard. Be yourself. It will make photography more enjoyable and will give you some beautiful candid shots.

2. Black and white

This is the must-try thing. Nothing can beat the classic. If you ever notice, the black and white filter gives every picture a whole new detailing that is often ignored. Your expressions and inner feelings pop out in these pictures like anything.

3. Use Vibrant color

Put extra thought on the color that you are going to wear in your portraits. The vibrant colors should be your first choice. The radiant effect of color with a little blur background gives an interesting look to your picture and creates focus on your face.

4. Candid pictures

You are most beautiful when you are carefree about how you look. Remember, someone fell in love with you at that moment when even you are not paying attention to yourself. When you just indulge in your thoughts and smiling, playing with your hair or just acting mad. Those are the moments worth capturing. Such pictures always amuse you and make you happy.

5. The family portrait

No doubt this is a very typical idea but surely the best one. Every family has its own story, their own struggles their own happy moments. The bond between family members, the presence of matriarch of the family to the youngest member, this all give a mesmerizing essence to the picture. Only the best portrait photography in Indore can justify the emotions behind the portrait.

6. Show your grey side

Nobody is perfect and mistakes are the big part of our life. Every person has a shady grey side and truth that nobody knows. The portrait with one side of the face in dark color with sorrow, outline your hidden feelings.

7. Play with Shadow

Portrait photography is another way, which gives the opportunity to experiment with patterns and shadows. You can stand by some net patterned wall or bars where the light falls and give you patterned shadow. Instead of going with dark and deep shadow, make your eyes color, your lip shade visible in the picture. This will turn out to be a magnificent portrait.

8. Play with lights

Lights are the most important part in every picture and LEDs can be used to give the extra flickery details. You can use fairy lights all tangled up on you to give picture bright and dreamy look. Use prism or shiny side of CDs and place where light can reflect, that will create a stunning rainbow effect on your face.

9. Moonlight portrait

Pictures with natural light always create a magnetizing effect. You can take a picture in which you are sitting somewhere on the rooftop or beachside where moonlight nonchalantly touches your cheeks and you indulge in your inner peace and tranquil environment.

Portrait photography calls for framing techniques, which can be provided by the professional and best portrait photographer. If it is your first portrait, hire portrait photographer in Indore that brings out the best of you in your pictures.

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