7 Tips to add wonder to your Corporate Event Shoot

Photographing a corporate event can be a real challenge. But proper planning and preparation can get you through the situation perfectly. Here are the pro tips for making your shoot flawless and memorable for your client.

1. Ask event organizer about the complete event schedule

A photographer must know what is going to happen when it is going to happen and who are the important persons he needs to click. Getting the complete event schedule will save you heaps of time for planning the shoot and help you organize the moments to be captured in proper order. This will also enable you to cover every important moment for your client.

Mostly corporate events are organized indoor with low-light locations. We suggest to have a look at the place prior to the main event and analyze the lighting conditions beforehand.

Getting a clue of the place and the light situation before the shoot will help you prevent the flaws of low-light situations and poorly lit subjects.

Obtaining the event schedule will provide for another advantage, that is, it will help you to select the right gears and prepare you to avoid the potential flaws and errors.

2. Carry the right gears for the job

You do not always need the fanciest gears to shoot a corporate event perfectly.

An external power flash with reflector or diffuser, full-frame DSLR with a mid-range zoom, memory cards, and extra batteries are the prominent elements for you to carry.

When the event is organized in a large banquet then a telephoto lens is must consider, on the contrary, in case of a compact venue then a wide is a necessity for you.

Sometimes the client may ask you to bring the distinct backdrops, if any such discussion has taken place then you need to focus on those requirements too.

3. Reach early to get the pre-event images

Reaching the event venue 20 – 30 mins early, depending on the requirements of the event will surely reap you benefits for the shoot. This is exactly the time where you can build a relationship with the guests at the event. So when the event begins, this will enable the guests to ask you more comfortable for getting clicked. Friendly terms with the people you are going to photographed will set a sort of chemistry in the captures. If you are a fan of pre-event shots then this is your moment to capture the perfect pre-event photographs.

4. Use RAW image format to shoot

This is something that applies naturally and without second opinions, if you want to collect top quality images, you should shoot in RAW. The RAW format helps you record all data from the sensor, giving you the highest possible image quality you can obtain. Especially in low-lighting situations, it would be troublesome to adjust JPEG format using Photoshop or Lightroom. Using RAW will make your work easier in rectifying overly overexposed and underexposed photographs. I can go on for eternity into why shooting is RAW is amazingly superb but do use it if you have ample space on your drives!

Another event photography hack: while it’s important to get photos of attendees enjoying the event, it’s also a major important point to get more abstract shots that are not focused on individuals. This is of quite a significance if you are using your corporate event photography for marketing purpose. Both the focused and abstract photos hold their own value and appeal.

6. Do not interrupt important dialogues

One of the most important tips for covering the corporate event shoot which is also a basic etiquette too. The body language and facial expressions of the people are sufficient for a photographer to figure out when an important conversation is taking place. If you can sense that some crucial or important conversation is going on then try to capture in such a way that your work does not interrupt the people involved in the conversation. Also, take care that your presence around them will not question your intentions of photographing. Who knows your one click at the wrong time will cost your client a fortune? So better be alert and sophisticated.

7. Do not take pictures of the people eating

This is one of the major blunder done by photographers while covering a corporate event shoot. Photos of people shoving food into their mouth or when their mouth is open is something you will never want to show to your clients and audience, just avoid doing this.

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