Fashion Photography Ideas

Fashion photography is a category, which is used to exhibit clothing or other fancy things. This is usually conducted for some fashion magazine, for publicizing some brand or campaigns on ongoing trends. In this, photographer outline the subject whether its outfit or accessory or some other object by selecting some unique location or set. Here […]


Let Your Pictures Shine ‘Bright’ Even In Low Light

low light photogrpahy

Taking photos in low light, is a situation every photographer has to face in his life multiple of times. Whether you’re clicking pictures with a point & shooting during an evening outing, photographing a wedding function or capturing a landscape scene at dusk it’s quite significant for a Pro photographer to understand the techniques and […]


A fairytale wedding story

fairytale wedding story This story sounds like a plot from a bollywood flick, except, it isn’t. A simple guy from Khargone and a beautiful bubbly girl from Jharkhand, start working in Delhi for AirIndia Sats. They live and work in Delhi, for four long years, unaware of each other. Cometh July 2016, the guy moves […]


7 tips to add wonder to your Corporate Event Shoot

Photographing a corporate event can be a real challenge. But proper planning and preparation can get you through the situation perfectly. Here are the pro tips for making your shoot flawless and memorable for your client.   1.Ask event organizer about the complete event schedule A photographer must know what is going to happen , […]