A fairytale wedding story

Fairytale wedding story

This story sounds like a plot from a bollywood flick, except, it isn’t. A simple guy from Khargone and a beautiful bubbly girl from Jharkhand, start working in Delhi for AirIndia Sats. They live and work in Delhi, for four long years, unaware of each other. Cometh July 2016, the guy moves to the fateful city of Indore and as serendipity would have it, girl follows in Dec. Indore, where they found each other, where they became WE. Darshit – responsible, caring, sincere, and Anu – bubbly, talkative, foodie are like Yin and Yang. It was a love story waiting to happen, written in stars for so long. After many months of being friends, Darshit proposed Anu over a double cheese pizza at Dominoes. She took two days to say yes, almost killing him with suspense. One would think every thing must have went smooth from here on, but what’s a love-marriage if you didn’t fight your parent for it. And though it’s no “Two States” kind family situation, it did took some effort from bride and groom’s side to bring everyone on board. And as soon as that happened, it was time to fix a date and seal the commitment.We have witnessed their beautiful wedding which was happened in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Marriage rituals has happened as per both Brahmin and Sikh tradition. Here are some Pre-wedding and Wedding photographs and clip


And here is the video of their beautiful journey…..


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