Fashion Photography Ideas

Creative Ideas on Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a category, which is used to exhibit clothing or other fancy things. This is usually conducted for some fashion magazine, for publicizing some brand or campaigns on ongoing trends. In this, photographer outline the subject whether its outfit or accessory or some other object by selecting some unique location or set. Here is some innovative fashion shoot idea you can use to make fashion photography in Indore awe-inspiring.

1. Lights, Camera, Click

For any photo shoot, you need to put extra thought on lighting because this is going to give soul to your pictures. You can use natural light around you whether it can be 6 am sun rays penetrating from clouds or orange shade of sky at the time of sunset or can make set up by using essential equipment. Make a focus on your face and body and let the background add a magnificent touch.

2. Act Lavish

This is the most common and glamorous way to shoot. You can see this kind of pictures in magazine cover pages like Vogue or Elle. Wear satin or velvet fabric, like a little black dress with red heels and shoot in some lobby setup with wine and precious jewels on you or with the dark background where your makeup and accessories can steal all focus.

3. Add Emotion

You can highlight the emotion by revealing a part of yourself. Like keeping the black and white background and leave the model picture colorful, this makes the model stand out in the picture. It shows your side in which you are being happy in the sad surrounding or being interesting in monotonous.

4. Close up

In this, you have to work on your makeup. Keep your eye makeup more dramatic or lip shade more vibrant, depending on how you want to look in those pictures. You can be old school girl or boy with specs and that suspicious look or can be a top model with dark eye shadow, wine-colored lips for girls and the dry effect on guys can make the capture more effective.

5. Be different from the background

In this, you do not worry about being in the same tone as the background. This single detail makes the picture more interesting. You can wear some shimmery glamorous dress and bohemian accessory and shoot this in some shady lonely palace like a garage or some construction site. This makes the picture more interesting.

6. Feel Exotic

Exotic beauty is always an eye-catching thing. You can acquire some exotic look. Alternatively, you can mix & match the particular style with something new, creating another quirky statement, it is interesting & definitely unexpected.

7. Collage

You can make the collage of pictures, in many different poses or can break the single picture in multiple pieces too & bring it together in a single frame.
The collage of the model picture in the same location in different time of the season or day gives beautiful snaps.

8. Hold the Frame

In this, the model holds a frame-shaped prop. It can be in funky color or in vintage design depending on the theme of your shoot. You can hold the frame and pose or you can pretend to step out of the frame.

9. Use Mirror

You can use mirrors to take some stellar images. You can simply pose in front of the mirror where picture clicks from behind & your face is visible in the mirror or also you can hold a mirror in which, the best fashion photographer can crop different angles.
There are various other ideas available online but only the best fashion photographer in Indore can justify the awesome.

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