It is a profound honour as a photographer to witness two people falling in love.

Qualities to Look for in a Wedding Photographer

The preparation of your wedding day starts months ago and still in the last moment, it feels like something missed somewhere. You always feel like the decorations can be more beautiful or there could be more cuisine on the menu. We spent a load of bucks on this day to make it memorable as it’s a once in a lifetime affair. Nowadays, choosing a wedding photographer has a separate and important place in to do list of preparation as everyone wants to capture every special moment and cherish them for a lifetime. We do know that this is  your big day but anyway this day comes to an end but pictures are permanent and this is the album that you are going to show to your friends, family, kids and even grandkids.

Obviously, you have some vision and expectation for your wedding pictures and you just need to find the perfect photographer who can capture your big day in the best possible way. Hiring an expensive photographer doesn’t mean you are getting the best one. There is some key point that you need to keep in mind while hiring a photographer on the basis of their past work and skills.

Passion towards works

We know it sounds so cliché but you need to find one who is passionate towards his jobs and ready to do whatever it takes to. The one, who enjoys capturing a moment, can play with little details to make pictures more interesting and candid. Look, the thing is any photographer can take the picture when you are posing or standing with guest and all, but the idea is  to be captured in those candid  moments also when you stealing the moments in between to take glance of each other.


Remember those photos on the internet in which the bride wears sneakers or wearing the bridal lehenga and jewelry riding a bike with shades on, imagine the creativity of that photographer who first thinks to capture moments like this. Your photographer should be creative, aware about ongoing trends, and able to think out of the box so he can make the best use of his skill to make your pictures unique and beautiful. 


Yes, we agree that being creative and passionate is very important but it is just not enough. The photographer needs to have a good and latest quality lens and other equipments, which produce good quality pictures. He can add more effect or use more graphics to make the picture looks more beautiful. Therefore, you need to ask about the types of equipment your photographer going to use at the wedding before you hire one.

Friendly and Patience

Unlike other parties and event, the marriage party is not going to end within a couple of hours and you obviously don’t want your album to fill with only your pictures with your better half. The wedding album is incomplete without the snaps of notorious activity by siblings, happy guest, other rituals between relatives. The photographer needs to be friendly so other can feel comfortable with him while taking pictures and needs to have patience at the same time, as working with whole bunch of excited people is not an easy task. The photographer need to look for every minor details and moments to capture and make them best memories.

We know you are planning this day from years and wants everything to be perfect. You want to be certain to make this day always remembered. Just keep these qualities in mind while looking for a wedding photographer, take some feedback from the previous customer if possible and you are good to go. Just find the right person who can capture your big day just the way you want. If you are looking for best wedding photographer in Indore, check for the above qualities and book immediately.

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