All Deepak Das Photography packages are custom-built and are exactly the way you’ve planned your wedding. There is no limit that you’ve dreamt it and we can’t make it happen.

Investment for wedding photography and cinematography depends on the size and type of your wedding.

For a more detailed estimate, and to get more information on wedding photography packages – please contact us.

We work on Day basis. Wedding photography package is dependent on the number of days that you need us to document your beautiful wedding day.

We do not work on hour basis or have a limited number of hours that we shoot in a day.

As per our experience over the years, we know that Indian weddings don’t goes as per the plan or schedule and it’s difficult as a wedding photographer to say that we are only available for certain number of hours and we don’t provide enough time to our beautiful bride and groom.

We will be there for you as long as you need us during your big day.

We will sit with you to plan out your day so that it will give us ample time to do our creative candid photography work and capture some stunning images for you.

Wedding photographer prices can vary depending on many factors including your wedding’s location (photographers in big cities tend to cost more than in other areas), the type of services and packages you’re looking for, and your chosen photographer’s experience and level of expertise.

Factors involve in Wedding Photography Packages
  1. Duration of Event: Wedding photography prices typically include between one to four days of coverage. The more number of days you’d like us to cover your event, price will increase. Additional days will cost extra.
  2. Travel: Are you getting married outside of Indore? Are you planning for Destination wedding? Yes, this will increase the price as we need travelling fee, accommodation and food.
  3. No of Staff: Photography price or package is also varies on number of staff you need.
  4. No of Images: In Deepak Das Photography packages, we provide you all the RAW files. But we provide certain number of retouched or edited photographs. But if you need more than that then that will increase the investment.
  5. Prints: Some photographers include photo prints (or a print credit—money you can put toward purchasing prints) in their wedding photography rates. While you don’t have to purchase your prints through your photographer, they’ll likely come out better if you do. To know more about Print and Wall Art, click HERE.
  6. Albums: We have several types of Albums. Starting price for an Album is Rs 14,999 and it goes up to Rs 1,20,000. Depending on what type of Album you select, photography investment will differ.


Please refer to FAQs, we have documented answers to some of the common questions our client asks.

We believe in creating a life-time relationship with our clients, so to start a great relationship – please get in touch with us.

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