Photography Is All About Creating Memories

We take photographs as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.

Photography is all about capturing a moment to re-live it again multiple times. Moments pass, people change but a picture stays forever. The best photographer captures the precious moments and gives us the gateway to feeling the moment. And it’s not only about looking good in pictures but the snaps in which you and your loved ones look like a whole new weirdo will also never fail to put a big smile on your face. Whether it is your family album in which you can see your childhood pictures or your Instagram account with the pictures of your last night party, tells a story about your time and surroundings.

Time proves that photography is not dependent only on technology, as there were times when people used to dress and step out of home for the studios and then it’s now when everyone holding a camera in the name of the mobile phone and clicking every moment. Do you ever think in this busy life we are connected through these mobile pictures and updated about the whereabouts of people? About how your niece looked on her first school day who lives far away. We never forget the good memories and never lose a chance to share them, well your photos could tell lengths for you. It is more of an expression that capture which shows enthusiasm, the happiness of that moment.

It’s a great saying ‘you don’t take the photograph you make it.’ Well, that is cent percent true. Photography is a wonderful art as it enables one to take the visual experience that is already happened and can feel the emotion of people in the pictures. It’s just not about the fancy occasion or dressed finely in pictures but it’s about the expression of a baby when you took the first snap, shyness of bride in pictures, the old fine lines on the forehead of your grandfather that shows their experience. It’s not possible to keep count on how many precious moments we missed but it is possible to see that moment with our loved ones. Lately, this art becomes a new trend for everyone as now people start paying more attention to preserve their beautiful memory to pass on, whether it’s a baby shower for your mother or your own wedding pictures, you will find the snaps in your family album. And why it shouldn’t be, as an individual we always want to be in our happy place, surrounded by a friend, family, and all well-wishers. However, as the nature of clock times change but we can capture our happy moments in a picture that we can look any time.  It does not matter the time and people in picture changes but photos remain the same. Only the best photographers in Indore can create good times you had and help you to keep going forward to make more of every moment.

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