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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Wedding pictures are no less than a treasure box of memories. Nowadays Pre-wedding photo shoot has become a part of rituals like mehndi and sangeet. Well, you marry only once and hence, it should be exactly as you dream of. However, there are enormous pre-wedding ideas suggested by photographers but it takes a creative eye to capture the emotional moment. If you are looking for the best pre-wedding photography in Indore, we have your back.

Here are some creative ideas for pre-wedding photoshoot :-

1. Start from the beginning

We are not talking about going awkward all over again as you are on your first date with her, but going back to the same place and re-live that moment is not a bad idea. This always gives you the same adrenaline rush to be back in the same place where once upon a time you sat and waiting for her and here she comes all dressed up with her cunning smile yet shy looks. These photos will give you a great story when anyone asked, ‘‘Where you two met first”?

2. Get a hint of Bollywood

Yes, we know you have always imagined yourself in those romantic scenes with “your perfect one”. And it’s not a bad idea to be in the “DDLJ” kind-of pose in rain or the very filmy style sarso ke khet.

3. Proposal

You may not remember to click the moment when you actually propose her but this moment is the big part of your love story. You can pose as you are proposing her again and she will be thinking about how to say yes to you because there is no second doubt for you in her mind too.

4. Feel Royal

You can go to some vintage place like a fort or add some small props like a big black and white wall painting or gramophone and dress up like Queen of Villa or like traditional Rajputs. This will give you some great royal snaps.

5. Under the sky or with shooting stars

Now you can click the beautiful pictures in natural light during sunrise or sunset where you pretending like gazing upon your future or maybe you are on some holiday but the picture with shooting stars is a great idea. Your photographer can edit or add some effect in your picture to give the look of shooting stars.

6. Nature Lovers

Trust me; this never goes out of fashion. In the world of filters, go to a place when you can click the picture in the middle of nature. You can go to some park, sanctuary, or forest. Get that peace and soothing feel with love of your life.

7. In your Mini version

Now, this is the one where you and your best pre-wedding photographer in Indore have many opportunities to experiment. In this, the photographer uses some graphics to turn mini version of you and add a touch of your funny and quirky nature. Though it looks funny, this one takes you on an emotional journey from childhood to the wedding.

8. Romantic Photoshoot

Being romantic and especially in pictures is sure more exciting and interesting then it sounds. You can be all cozy with each other show your romance, that spark between you. This shoot can be in the house or somewhere on the rooftop or beach to give a more natural feel. You can see these pictures in your 60s and be nostalgic.

These are some of the most sought after pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that have been trending. Along with this, our best-wedding photographer in Indore also has the creative edge to suggest the pre-wedding photography theme based on your interest.

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